About Us

The Winnebago, as our friends and long-time customers like to call us, is a landmark store in the heart of the downtown river shopping district in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. We’ve been family-run from Day 1, and by Day 1 we mean 1949.  Generations of working families welcoming as many generations of shopping families who have made The Winnebago their “must-stop” destination for fine goods and gifts.

We’re located in a historic building, circa 1860, offering proof positive that classic and contemporary do pair quite nicely. We’re one of the country’s oldest and largest retailers of beloved Minnetonkas, yet our store also offers a mix of retro-cool décor, casually hip clothes, rugged urban boots for men and women, authentic Native American pieces sourced directly from the artisans themselves, pretty jewelry, and intriguing giftables.

In other words, we’re unexpected in a really good way.

Next time you’re visiting the Dells, we hope you’ll stop in and say hi. We’re located on the main avenue known as Broadway. And while you’re in Downtown Dells, do be sure to take a scenic tour of the Wisconsin River - the sandstone bluffs are amazing.