Lookbook - Late Afternoon Latté June 06 2016, 0 Comments

 "I have measured out my life in coffee spoons." - T.S. Elliot

Sneaking in a midday nap has never been so enticing, yet so out of the question. Right now it is 3pm in the afternoon and this blogger is ready to wave the white flag and admit defeat. Hands in the air, today has won the battle. This morning was spent checking things off a long list of errands, followed by chores at home (laundry, boo....more laundry), and now it's finally time to sit down and do a little work. Since a restorative nap is not in the lineup, let us take a moment and imagine the bliss that is Fika - a Swedish coffee break. 

Today's outfit inspiration is perfect for a warm and breezy afternoon stop at a café. Imagine sitting outside, soaking in a bit of vitamin D, maybe people watching, as you sip from your favorite coffee drink, made to order. It is a heavenly vision. Give thanks to coffee, fuel in the morning and now a boost in the late afternoon. 

In this Fika daydream, wearing a chambray romper seems the best option - paired with a pair of classic cutout, wedge slingbacks in white, of course. And because we are treating ourselves in the middle of the day, let's throw on a feel-good statement necklace in citrus yellow. Finish the look off with a bright, punchy clutch and you have yourself a vision! Oh, and don't forget to throw a folding fan into that clutch. We are feeling fancy today!